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Foundation Repair in Huntsville, AL

I’ve lived in my house for over 20 years. I began to notice cracks in my walls and the floors were squeaking. I contacted Kennedy and Sons and they came out and inspected underneath the house and inside the house. The company drew up a pictorial of the supports that they were going to use to get the house level. The diagram showed where each support would be placed.

Kennedy and Sons were very thorough in their work. They arrived at the time they said they would. While doing the job it came to their attention that more supports were needed. Before adding the additional supports, they gave me an estimate for the additional cost. Before the job was completed, they made sure my doors opened properly.

I would recommend this company to anyone that needs to get their house level.

Huntsville, AL

house moving in Toney, AL

Dear Sir,

This letter is written to thank Jeff Kennedy for the excellent job in prepping, moving and finishing the work on my father’s house. The manner in which this work was performed displayed a high degree of professionalism, maintaining the utmost in customer care and service. Your patience and desire to please made the purchase of this home a truly memorable and amazingly pleasant experience. I would have no reservations in recommending your services to anyone. Thank you for a job well done.

Richard, AL

House Moving in Madison, AL


As I mentioned after receiving several estimates from others and having detailed discussions with all…I chose Don Kennedy and Sons. Your price and schedule were very competitive, but equally important, your reputation in the community and the thorough explanation of alternative solutions and why…convinced me you could and would perform as promised.

Your crew arrived on the day and time promised with all the equipment and materials required-A JOB WELL DONE!

Wish your continued success, and I’ll not hesitate to call again if I’m in the need of the services you provide.

Best regards,

Foundation Repair in Madison, AL

Hey Lisa,

Scott and I had an exceptional experience with Don Kennedy and Sons. When we had questions about the quality of our house supports, Jeff’s experience, honesty and professionalism was invaluable. We knew we could trust his company. During the hot summer construction, the team who did the work was reliable, quick and did an amazing job. Now, our family room doesn't shake as the kids run through it; our kitchen doesn't wobble when we walk in it! We feel much more sturdy and safe.

Thank you, Don Kennedy and Sons!

Foundation Repair in Huntsville, AL

Dear Jeff,

We just wanted to say what a wonderful job you and your crew did on our foundation repair. Everyone was very professional. They were on time and courteous. The repair job itself turned out to be bigger than my husband and I had initially anticipated. However, you guys did a fantastic job. When we first realized we needed foundation work done, we had no idea who to turn to. It never entered our minds to call a company that moves houses. After several internet searches, my husband saw several posts about Don Kennedy and Sons and the fact that you do foundation work not just house moving. After meeting with you, we felt very confident that not only would the repair get done, but it would get done right. And that is exactly what happened. That item has been crossed off our “to-do” list and now we know this house is rock solid!!! To never have to worry about the foundation is a huge load off our minds.

We will be recommending Don Kennedy & Sons to anyone who asks about foundation work. Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job.


Foundation Repair in Huntsville, AL

They explained the situation and gave several alternatives. Never felt I was being pressured. Always felt I was getting the truth and facts about the necessary foundation repair.

Foundation Repair in Madison, AL

On or about 5 Jun 2013, Jeff Kennedy came to the house and provided information as to what would be happening for the next few weeks and asked if I had any questions or concerns. So we discussed making sure I understood what would be happening with the foundation repair. Jeff also introduced me to the assorted guys who would be working, which also made me feel comfortable. Jeff called me just about every day to discuss what would be happening next, who would be working each week, approximately how long it may/would take and an estimation of the work. Jeff always kept me informed.

Crawl Space Repair in Huntsville, AL

Mrs. Kennedy,

Professional! That is all I can say.

For over thirty years the crawl space at 7703 Foxfire Drive contained an ever deteriorating vapor barrier, and periodic work by various contractors in that space did not enhance its beauty or vapor barrier security. It was a moisture jar waiting to happen.

Enter a team from Don Kennedy and Sons House Moving and Structural Solutions – a professional team that arrives on the scene with the technical knowledge, application process, and a leader and a team with understanding of the customer’s needs (requirements). Old materials are removed, the surface area leveled and smoothed, vapor barrier installed – with staples no less. Not so the previous barrier, much of the cause for the movement, slippage, and roll-up. Just as quietly as they arrived, the left – with the area clean and debris free. A professional team all the way.

I know the crawl space is adequately cared for, and dry. What else can I say, but THANK YOU!

House Moving in Huntsville, AL

I got a quote from Don Kennedy and Sons House Moving Company to raise my house by a few inches. I wanted my house lifted to raise my foundations so I can have more basement area. I am going to be using them for the job. They have a good reputation for many years and are very knowledgeable.

Foundation Repair in Madison, AL

They came and inspected and proposed a concrete leveling and foundation repair solution for us. There were really two issues, so they gave a us a quote for fixing both at once, and for just fixing one. We decided to hire them to level the floor in one room of the house, which involved replacing a beam in the crawl space, and also fixing a crack in the brick over the garage door that they determined to be a problem with the header being installed incorrectly. The work was scheduled quickly and completed on time. We were very pleased. The floor does seem to be even and the repair done on the brick is so good you can't even tell there was ever a problem.


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