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As cities grow and expand, many times older architecture — especially empty houses or buildings that require a great deal of expense to bring up to modern safety codes — are vulnerable. Most city preservation societies as well as realtors and the current owners of these structures, find it sad that these structures, which are so much a part of a city’s historical background, are scheduled for demolition.

Many cities like Huntsville, Montgomery and Guntersville find it in their city’s best historical interest to save these beautiful structures.

Don Kennedy and Sons has helped them accomplish that by moving these structures to a new home! Don’t worry about the size, building materials, or age. Just look at these high profile historic moves and know that with our team, anything it possible!

Clemens House Move

175-year-old Clemens House

562-tons, the 2-story, solid brick home was the 2nd largest building moved in the state of Alabama when we relocated it from the corner of Clinton Avenue and Church street in downtown, to Pratt Avenue and Meridian Streets in Five Points. Click here to read more about this historical move.

Jeremiah Clemens, the builder, was  1st cousin to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) and was known to stay in this home when visiting Huntsville

Synagogue House

At the same time we moved the Clemens House, we also moved the Synagogue House, which was equally old, but not in good repair.

The Figh Pickett House

150-year-old Figh Pickett House

456-tons, the Figh Pickett house was in the way when at 2 Clayton Street in Montgomery when the Federal Courthouse was expanded. We moved this stately manor to a safe lot at 512 South Court Street in Montgomery for Alabama Historical Society, and it is their current head office today. The house was moved 2 blocks up 10% grade slope in the middle of downtown Montgomery. It was the personal home of  the architect and builder of our state capitals,  and is the oldest SOLID brick home in Montgomery.

steamboat gothic house

128-year-old Steamboat Gothic House

Our team moved the empty, 165-ton, 3-story Steamboat Gothic House from the corner of Franklin Street and Williams Avenue to Lowe Avenue when a bank bought the lot and the house was going to to be torn down. The historical home was moved for the Woman’s Club of Huntsville and used for their office; the route had to be changed in the middle of move because although they had originally given permission, residents protested (by laying down in the middle of the street) having the tree limbs cut to allow the house to be moved. The house was backed up 1.5 blocks and between 2 poles with 2″ clearance on each side.

Lusk-Manning House

This was the first house to be moved partially by barge. The historic 205-ton Lusk-Manning house was going to cause much disruption and take a long time to move by land. Instead, we loaded the house onto a barge, and moved it across Lake Guntersville to its new home.

Historical Moves

Click a link below to view projects where we relocated a historical building.

The Clemens House | Synagogue House | Figh Pickett House | Steamboat Gothic House | Lusk Manning House

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