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Garage Door Lintel Repair

Garage Door Header Lift System

The LintelLift System is a patent pending product that ensures garage door lintels or headers won't sag. When a garage door lintel fails, it causes the brick wall supporting it to sag, leaving a noticeable crack right about the garage door. The LintelLift System fixes this issue by adding support underneath the sagging lintel.

For new construction, The LintelLift System can be installed and pre-stressed prior to laying the brickwork, then released after mortar curing, to prevent future sagging.

Fixing Sagging Lintel and Cracks Above The Garage

The original cause of a sagging lintel and cracks is generally poor design. There must be an allowance at each end of the lintel for the expansion of the metal as it gets warmer. When the metal expands, it is pressing against the brick and mortar at each end, causing pressure at the weakest point. The middle of the lintel is a weak point as the pressure from above, pushes down on the lintel, with nothing supporting the bottom.

garage sagging lintel before after

The Repair Process

View photos of the garage lintel repair process. Click a photo below to view it at a larger size.

Post construction with sagging existing lintel and cracked brick and mortar:

Garage doors with LintelLift system installed

Engineered to lift a straight plane 1200 lbs. Heavier lifts are also available upon special order. The columns on the sides are designed with lift bolts that are adjusted by turning clockwise on the nuts. The bolts are contacted to the ends of the angle iron with a machined pivot. This allows the column to be stood up one end at a time and fastened to the existing wood door frames. Once both columns are vertical with the LintelLift under the sagging existing lintel, and outside the brick wall, the bolts are tightened down lifting the load while removing the camber. Once straightened, the sagging brick is now lifted and/or stabilized against a potential settlement. At this point, the raw iron will be covered with a vinyl kit specially made for fit.

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