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Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and the county seat of Jefferson County. With over one million residents, it's home to one quarter of Alabama's population. Whether the base of your home is constructed from stone, cinder block or a monolithic or poured structure, its job is to support the weight of your home. Settlement can affect your building's structural integrity, making it extremely hazardous to inhabit. If you see any warning signs like settlement or cracked walls, we're here to help. We're Don Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions.

Warning signs

  • Your foundation is sinking - if you notice one or more sides of your home noticeably sinking, and your windows or doors are getting harder to open and close, this could be a settlement issue.
  • Cracks in your:
  • Foundation - these could be because of hydrostatic pressures in the earth surrounding your home
  • Basement floor - not as serious, but still need to be  addressed
  • Basement walls - these could be from natural shrinking and curing process of concrete
  • Hallways, kitchens, living room or other rooms - normally found in conjunction with other issues
  • Your chimney is tilting to one side

We've successfully completed all types of jobs, no matter how large or small

We've successfully completed a ton of small and large jobs requiring repairs to resolve settlement, bowed walls and cracks. We use safe, effective and proven products to ensure that you, your family and your home are safe. It's our mission to address the root cause of foundation issues, not to simply place a "band-aid" over the problem. Our team of trained structural professionals perform thorough inspections and analysis, then forge lasting solutions. Even though many structural issues are similar in nature, they all necessitate customized solutions. Our promise to you is that we will never tell you that you need repairs that aren't required and we will never up-sell our products.

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