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DuraLook Concrete Resurfacing

Introducing the new DuraLook granulated rubber premium concrete resurfacing material! DuraLook is an EPDM rubber that is easy to clean and durable enough for a driveway, garage, gym, and even basketball or tennis courts. Adds extra traction, padding, and an extra level of protection to concrete surfaces and can transform a cracked driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool area so they look like new again. Our team is trained by the manufacturer to properly install the DuraLook rubber product to your concrete surfaces to add a level of protection that is both durable and attractive.

  • DuraLook Pool
  • DuraLook Basketball Court
  • DuraLook Pool
  • DuraLook Gym
  • DuraLook Pool
  • DuraLook Stairs

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If you're interested in resurfacing the concrete around your home or business with a premium, high quality rubber surface, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Take a look at the available colors below so you can customize any concrete area of your home.

Yellow DuraLook
Beige DuraLook
bBlack DuraLook
Bright Green DuraLook
Bright Green
Bright Red DuraLook
Bright Red
Brown DuraLook
Dark Blue DuraLook
Dark Blue
Dark Green DuraLook
Dark Green
Dark Grey DuraLook
Dark Grey
Light Blue DuraLook
Light Blue
Light Green DuraLook
Light Green
Light Grey DuraLook
Light Grey
Medium Grey DuraLook
Medium Grey
Navy Blue DuraLook
Navy Blue
Orange DuraLook
Pink DuraLook
Purple DuraLook
Red DuraLook
White DuraLook


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