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The Clemens House Move

1 beforephoto

The Clemens House was originally located on the corner of Clinton Avenue and Church street when it was built in 1835. In 1974 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2004 it was decided that the house had to be moved to make room for a new parking lot for Huntsville Utilities. The threat of a wrecking ball weighed heavily over the final negotiations between Huntsville Utilities, the parking lot contractor, the City of Huntsville and Don Kennedy and Sons.

Photo Gallery

1 Beforephoto
2 Rearwing
3 Brick Openings
4 Bracedchimney
5 Turnbuckles
6 Windowbracking
7 Lostwithtime
8 Cribbase
9 Mortarless Foundation
B10 Raising Building
B11 Jackspercrib
B12 Controlpanel
B13 Hydrounit
B14 Steelplate
B15 Levelplane
B16 Readytoroll
B17 Moving Two Structures
B19 New Location
B20 New Location


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