Leaky Basement Window Wells

When the windows were first installed, they were put in place and sealed so that moisture couldn't get inside. However, over time, this seal can weaken due to weathering and normal wear and tear. When this happens, moisture from rain and snow can seep inside and get into the space below your home. Additionally, the well itself should have a drain inside. This drainage system can get clogged with leaves, acorns, pine cones, twigs, and other types of debris. When this happens, moisture won't be able to drain out properly and it continues to build up until it breaks through the window's seal.

Warning signs of the problem include:

  • Moisture can be seen trickling down the wall
  • Puddles of water are on the floor beneath the window
  • Stains can be seen on the walls
  • Mold growth on walls, or home smells very musty upstairs

Exterior Waterproofing

To take care of the problem, our experts here at Don Kennedy and Sons will be able to fix the seal on the window, and also install an exterior membrane on your foundation walls. This can help to prevent moisture from getting in through the frame, and from getting inside through cracks or crevices on the outside walls of your home. The membrane has tiny dimples in it that allow water to pass through and into a drainage system which will eventually make its way to a sump pump. Also, if a new drain is needed inside of the well, we can install one for you.

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