It is not uncommon for masonry foundations to crack and let moisture into the basement. Brick, stone, and block walls are all built using mortar, and this is a material that may weaken over time and become very brittle. Water from the soil due to a rising and falling water table can put a lot of pressure on these already-weakened walls. Over time, moisture will eventually make its way inside and it can be seen trickling down walls, leaving stains, or puddling up on the floor next to the cove joint.

Whenever this problem is seen on a home, it is also not uncommon to notice an issue with bowing, as well. Bowed walls are often seen together with masonry foundation leaks. This is a problem that can be caused from hydrostatic pressure from the soil, as mentioned above, with the rising and falling water table. Fortunately, to take care of the problem, a total tear out and wall replacement are not necessary.

SafeDrain™ Basement Drainage System

SafeDrain™ Basement Drainage System

At Don Kennedy and Sons, we can install a special waterproofing system from SafeBasements™. The drain is designed to channel water away from the walls and into a sump pump system. Once here, the water will eventually be sent out and away from the home to a safe distance away. This will leave you with a safe and healthy environment beneath your home.

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