Take your wet, leaky basement and make it dry and useful.


We understand the waterproofing process can be overwhelming and try your patience. Our trained project managerswill help you decide which method of basement waterproofing is best for your individual circumstances. The SafeBasements® pateneted system provides lasting solutions to leaking basements and wet crawlspaces.

Basement waterproofing is a process of protecting your basement from the potential of water entering through the basement walls. Waterproofing can include drainage system, wall board, sump pumps and more.  Watch this waterproofing systems video to learn why our system works great.

How water enters the basement:

Over the sill plate
Window wells can collect water, allowing it to get in through the seam between the window and the concrete stem wall. Surface water than flows over the walls and into the basement. With the USS waterproofing system, surface water is diverted with grading and gutter extensions.

Through the wall
Excess moisture in the soil creates “hydrostatic pressure” that can cause cracks, which allow water to seep into your living space. Constant excess moisture will often cause block walls to “sweat,” causing water to pool inside. Common construction techniques leave a space between the foundation wall and the spread footing, allowing water to seep through. The USS waterproofing system is installed by digging a trench and placing a drain next to the outside footing. The trench is filled in with gravel leaving space at the top to fill in with dirt for planting. Water is then diverted away from the structure.

From under the slab or footer
Excess water in the soil under your basement floor can sometimes create pressure, causing the water to find its way through small cracks and into your basement. With the patented SafeBasements® waterproofing system, underground water is redirected from the footing to an interior drain and sump pump.

Give us a call to setup a convenient time to have our consultant help you figure out a solution for your leaky basement.

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