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About Us

The Kennedy Family

We wish we could fit all that we do into our name because if we could it would look something like this: Don Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions, Foundation Repair, Basement, Drainage & Crawl Space Repair, Licensed Contractor, Waterproofing Experts, Rain Harvesting Systems Supplier & Realtor/Home Inspectors Best Friend, Inc. … you get the idea.

Because the foundation of any structure is paramount to the stability of that structure, our capabilities instinctively involve a whole collection of other problems related to the ground on which your house (or building) sits. Whatever is going on underneath your home (or building), be it poor drainage and lack of proper waterproofing that is muddying up the basement; the erosion of your foundation due to expansive plastic soils or sinkholes; or uneven weight loads causing certain parts of the structure to sag or buckle under the strain, you need a foundation repair expert like Don Kennedy and Sons to fix all those issues, and repair the damages they have caused.

We have been located in Huntsville since 1945. The Kennedy men have been moving houses and repairing foundations and basements for nearly 70 years. Using proven methods and customized solutions that fit any job, no matter how big or small, no one has a better record for success than Don Kennedy and Sons… Building Stable Foundations for 3 Generations!


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Our Service Area

Our team at Don Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions proudly provides garage lintel repair, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, bowed wall repair, and crawl space repair services to home and business owners in Alabama. Our goal is to keep your home safe and dry year round.

Our team proudly provides services to home and business owners throughout Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Take a look at our full service area page to see what cities and counties we service.

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